Flat Roofs

Flat Roofing Systems

Many commercial buildings have flat or low slope roofs. These roofs take special care and attention as they are prone to different problems than steep slope roofing. If you need help with installation, repairs or maintenance of a flat roofing system, give us a call at All Phase Roofing. Our roofers are experts in flat roofs in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas.

Quality Commercial Flat Roof Solutions

Traditionally, flat roof installation involved a tar-and-gravel based surface. This roof type can work well, but it is prone to ponding water. Due to the lack of gravity drainage off of a flat roof it is fairly common for water ponding to occur.

flat roofingThese days, flat roofs are typically made with a continuous membrane covering, such as TPO or EPDM (rubber) that are much more resistant to ponding water. Other roofs are made with asphalt or modified bitumen. These modern membranes are applied and then strengthened with sealants and adhesives where necessary.

These synthetic rubber materials are tougher and proven to outperform the old-fashioned gravel membranes that older flat roofs were once covered with. It’s important to note that just putting a new synthetic membrane over an existing asphalt membrane may not fix all the problems you have. Re-roofing is not that much more costly and will help your roof last for years to come. Furthermore, newer flat roof membranes make leak detection easier, are seamless and aesthetically pleasing, heat reflective and/or UV-ray resistant.

EPDM (synthetic rubber) roofing is the most popular flat roofing material on the market today, for both new construction and replacement roofing projects. EPDM roof membranes often come as one piece of rubber, cut to size for the specific EPDM roofing system installation. If you’re interested in EPDM or another flat roof, the commercial roofing contractors at All Phase Roofing will be happy to answer any of your questions.

We provide high quality installation, repairs and maintenance for flat roofs in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. Call us today!