Liquid Applied

All Phase Roofing offers a waterproofing system that can be directly installed over your existing commercial roofing system. Liquid Applied is a quality product that provides superior water protection for this hurricane prone area in West Palm Beach. Liquid applied roofing systems that are installed by our experienced crew are professionally installed to offer exceptional quality and protection. Our company is trained in the latest application techniques that allow us to deliver nothing but exceptional results.

Is Liquid Applied right for you?

This application is a wonderful option for those who have a flat roof and are in need of extra protection for heavy rain and storms. Liquid applied systems are helpful for flashing detail that west palm beach liquid applied roofingneeds extra waterproofing protection. This particular system can have a UV protectant layer applied that provides a reflective coating.

If you are looking for a way to lower your energy costs, installing a liquid applied system with a cooling cap sheet will allow for better insulation measurements. A cap sheet will help help fight against the affects of the intense Florida sun. For an aesthetic appeal, a granule layer will improve the look while adding value and extra protection to your existing roofing system.

Let us assist you

All Phase Roofing is here to provide the area of West Palm Beach with liquid applied roofing systems that offer quality protection. Living in a hurricane-prone zone is a good reason in and of itself to have this additional layer of protection for your commercial building. Call us today for more information!