A thermoplastic roofing system that offers highly reflective roofing membranes and excellent weathering characteristics, PVC is a solid choice for your commercial building. All Phase Roofing has a team of qualified contractors to help assist you in the buying procedure to make sure you keep within your budget as well as keeping you informed with the application process. Our professional roofers will properly install your new West Palm Beach PVC roof with accuracy and precision. All Phase Roofing is here for all your PVC roofing needs.

PVC Qualities

A PVC roofing system has many great qualities and durable components. This roofing system is tear and puncture resistant even though the material is exceptionally lightweight. PVC is a reliable option that is available in a variety of colors and styles to best fit your budget and PVC Roofing West Palm Beach desired look. It also has excellent resistance to bacterial growth, animal fats, as well as plant roof penetrations.

One great aspect of PVC is that the product comes reinforced right out of the box. The materials are already joined together to allow for quick application and easy clean up. This roofing system is easily installed with a heat welding technique that is proven better than those of glued or taped seams.

Call the professionals

All Phase Roofing has years of experience working with commercial roofing systems of all kinds. Our skilled team will expertly install your new West Palm Beach PVC roofing system quickly and efficiently. Call us today for more information on PVC roofing to see if this is the system for you.