Green Roofs


Green roofs are gaining popularity and are being used more and more as a roofing system, So what is a green roof? Green roofs are roofs that are covered with plants and vegetation over a water proof roofing membrane. It’s liking have a garden as your roof. They come many with many environmental benefits.

Green Roofing Environmental Benefits:

  • Reduces heating needs
  • Filters out air pollutants
  • Reduces carbon dioxide
  • Absorbs rainwater and runoffs
  • Reduces sound pollution
  • Natural water filters
  • Reduces cooling needs

Along with the these environmental benefits, green roofs have financial benefits too. A green roof can last up to three times longer than a normal roofing systems. A green roof can also increase a home or building’s value by 10%. The best financial benefit of a green roof is the reduction of energy costs and usage. Green roofs have great retention of heat during  winter and can reduce your heading needs. They also reflect heat and solar radiation during summer, reducing your cooling costs. All told a green roof can diminish your cooling needs and costs by 25% in the winter and summer.

The only downside to a green roof is that installing one cost double of what it would to install a normal roofing system. They also require more maintenance.

Here’s a video explaining how green roof are installed