Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete Tile Roof Installation

concrete tile repairConcrete roof tiles create a beautiful roof that recalls Spanish-style roofs of old. Best of all, concrete roof tile outlasts most other roofing materials, and manufacturers typically offer warranties of 50 years or more. All Phase Roofing handles concrete tile roof installation and maintenance in West Palm Beach. We love crafting unique, durable roofs out of this material. Did you ever wonder why so many historical buildings you see in Asia and Europe have concrete tile roofs?

Think about it – after many centuries these roofs are still breathtaking to look at as well as functional. You can be confident that even in the severe weather that is sometimes characteristic of our area, concrete roof tiles last. A roofer with experience is needed to install concrete roofing properly, so call All Phase Roofing today to get started.

Concrete Tile Maintenance

As mentioned above, concrete roof tiles are some of the most durable, long-lasting materials on the market, however, all roofing systems require some maintenance and repair over time. This is especially true in a climate prone to hurricanes. Generally with tile, the only maintenance you’re really going to need will be on protrusion flashing, gutters, and venting. But if your concrete roof tiles become loose or damaged, our expert roofers will be glad to perform repairs.

The aesthetically pleasing characteristic of concrete roof tiles will increase the value of your home, are strong in the face of hurricane-force winds. They are an overall wonderful investment for homeowners. If you have been considering installing a concrete tile roof, call All Phase Roofing today. We provide high quality concrete tile roof installation and maintenance in West Palm Beach.