Residential Roofing Contractor

Straightforward, no-hassle service

new home roofingIf you are considering re-roofing or roof replacement, or have a concern about your roof’s overall condition and would like to have it checked out by a professional, call All Phase Roofing for exceptional, straightforward, no-hassle service. We are the best West Palm Beach residential roofing company around.

Our residential roofing contractors and roof repair specialists will come out to your home and give you a free inspection! Even better, once we determine what needs to be done, we’ll give you a free quote. You don’t pay a dime until you’re satisfied, and you will always know what you can expect to pay before any work gets started on the home.

All Phase Roofing specializes in many types of roof repair. Our residential roofing contractors have experience with all of the following roofing systems:

Installation & Repairs

fixed roofAll Phase Roofing’s technicians are very adept at repairing roof problems both common and uncommon. Leaks, for instance, are perhaps the most common residential roof problem, and it is the most common reason people have for calling All Phase Roofing.

Leaks can be the result of weather damage or simply poor installation and workmanship. That is why we ensure you will never have improper installation services as a customer of All Phase. Even if we didn’t originally design or install your roof, we will come out and fix the resulting leaks.

Ponding water is another common roofing problem, although more common on low-slope or flat roofs. Ponding water occurs when rain water collects in the flat areas, which over time can cause a sagging roof that could eventually collapse into the home’s interior. This is dangerous and can cause significant property damage.  If you notice ponding water in your home, call a residential roof repair contractor immediately.

For the best residential roofing company in West Palm Beach, contact All Phase Roofing. Our residential contractors are here to serve you with quality installation, repairs and maintenance.