Slate Roof

Durable Roofing for the Home

Slate roof tiles are an incredibly durable roofing material typically used in high-end residential projects. All Phase Roofing has years of experience working with this premium material. If you need slate roof installation or repairs in West Palm Beach, give us a call. We will be happy to assist you with your roofing project.

slate roofingSlate makes a great roofing material because it has an extremely low water absorption index. It is some of the strongest, most weather-proof material around, and is incredibly resistant to high winds associated with hurricanes. Natural slate is beloved by roofing contractors because it is both beautiful and durable. Depending on how the roof is constructed, some slate roofing systems can last several hundred years, and require little to no maintenance. All Phase Roofing offers slate roofing because it is very resistant to wind and rain. As an added bonus, it is also fire-proof.

Synthetic Slate Roofing Systems

The main purpose of a slate roof is to truly enhance the beauty of your property and offer a high level of protection for your home with little maintenance and repair. But a more cost-effective way to get those characteristics is with a synthetic slate roof.

Synthetic slate is made from composite materials that are as fire resistant and long-lasting as slate while also providing that elegant slate look you’re looking for. They are even molded after the texture and contours of real slate, creating natural-looking beauty. If you’re interested in a synthetic or real slate roof system, the roofing experts at All Phase Roofing would love to answer any of your questions. Call today. We handle slate roof installation and repairs in West Palm Beach and all surrounding areas.