Slate Roof Tiles in Palm Beach County


slate roof tilesSlate Roof Tiles are an extremely durable and remarkably stylish option for high-end residential roofs.  There are numerous benefits to this overall exotic choice, but they come with a price tag that may be above the budget of many for a roofing project.

The cost of both materials and labor alike for slate roof tiles are higher than traditional composition (a.k.a. ‘laminate tiles’), but the results are proportionately superior.  Depending on the quality of the slate used when manufacturing the slate roof tiles you select, the final roof could stand strong for up to 400 years!

Slate Roof Tiles – Benefits

It is easy to imagine the benefits of seeking shelter from a passing storm under a sturdy layer of rock… however, slate roof tiles have many distinct advantages over many varieties of roof tiles such as:

  • Nearly non-existent water absorption
  • Able to withstand hurricane-force winds
  • Completely Fire-Proof
  • Requires next to no maintenance
  • Can last for hundreds of years

While not explicitly a benefit of slate roof tiles, investing in the long-term building material is like being able to keep a roof over the head of your children and their children’s children… at minimum!

Slate Roof Tiles – Drawbacks

The single drawback to slate roof tiles comes from the price tag.  The material is heavier than composition tiles, and thus is cost to construct a roof out of slate roof tiles is also higher.

Fortunately, there are synthetic slate roof tiles that homeowners can investigate as a way to offset the cost of all-natural slate roof tiles.  Synthetic slate roof tiles are made of a few materials, offer the same fire protection, and can last for at least 100 years with the proper care.

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