TPO Benefits


Why TPO Roofing?

TPO roofing is a commercial roofing solution. This system is designed for flat or low slope roofs. TPO has risen in popularity and may be the right commercial roofing solution for your business. Check out the following benefits of TPO roofing if you are considering this commercial system.


TPO roofTPO roofing is created from a thermoplastic polyolefin membrane. This single-ply roofing system is extremely durable and is created to resist mold growth, the accumulation of dirt, punctures and tears. It can withstand high amounts of weathering without sustaining damage.

Style Choices

TPO roofs come in a wide variety of color options. You can customize your TPO roofing system to fit your building’s design needs. The most popular choice is white TPO roofing which acts as a “cool roof.” This highly reflective version of TPO roofing will lower your energy bills during hot summer months.

Ease of Installation

TPO roofing is a light weight material and comes in wide sheets that are easy to install. These wide sheets allow for fewer seams, leaving you with a waterproof commercial roofing system.


money savingsTPO roofing is an economical choice. It is similar in style to PVC roofing, but comes at a lower cost. And the easy installation means lower labor costs.

If you are interested in TPO roofing in Palm Beach County please give us a call at All Phase Roofing. We offer quality TPO installation and maintenance services.