Tropical Depression and Roof Readiness


Be Prepared for “Arthur”

Picture of Tropical Storm Arthur

Courtesy of National Weather Service

Here in Florida, we are no stranger to torrents of rain. And this year’s first tropical depression of the Atlantic hurricane season is heading our way according to meteorologists. This will result in large amounts of rainfall in a short period of time across the Palm Beach area. The weather disturbance is well on it’s way right now to becoming a tropical storm and will be named Arthur if it continues to do so. Meteorologists currently think the main threat it will pose to Florida residents is rain rather than wind. 

While you are probably accustomed to the large amount of rainfall and its effects upon your day to day life, don’t forget to make sure your roof is ready for the rainy days ahead! And please, remember to be safe! Stay up to date through the National Weather Service or your local news station.

Florida Roof Storm Preparation

There are a few basic things you should check on your home’s roof before storms continue to roll through the area:

  • Check the connection between your roof and walls. Make sure this connection is strong and secure.
  • Check your roof for holes or tears. Having repairs performed, even if they are small, is a great way to save yourself from costly damages later.
  • Trim branches around your roof. If you have trees close to your roof and any overhanging branches, take the time to trim them to keep debris build up from your roof.
  • Clean out your gutters. If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned recently, now is the time. Clogged gutters will cause standing water on your roof during our tropical deluges.

Remember, if you need help getting your roof ready for tropical storm season, we will be glad to help! All Phase Roofing can also aid you in repairs if the storm has already taken its toll on your roof. Call us if you need assistance with getting your roof ready for this tropical storm season.